/*382*/ Italian Register of Patients with HIV Infection and resistance to Inverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, Integrase, Viral protease


How to contribute

Prestigio was born from the close collaboration between Infectivologists, Virologists and Pharmacologists with the common goal of reach an optimal and homogeneous management of PLWH with a multi-resistant virus. The project was carried out under the patronage of SIMIT (Italian Society of Tropical and Infectious Diseases) and SIV-ISV (Italian Society of Virology) and works in close collaboration with patients' Associations.
Given its multidisciplinary nature, Prestigio is open to the participation of the different figures involved in the management of HIV infection, first of all patients, associations, general practitioners, biologists, nurses, psychologists, infectious diseases specialists, virologists, pharmacologists, and immunologists. Furthemore, all the components of civil society, institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.

You can participate by send an e-mail to info@registroprestigio.com to report your interest in joining, your needs, your difficulties and proposals for new information initiatives, patient care and scientific researches.

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Last update: 21th november 2019