/*382*/ Italian Register of Patients with HIV Infection and resistance to Inverse Transcriptase Inhibitors, Integrase, Viral protease


What is antiretroviral therapy?

Antiretroviral therapy consists of a therapeutic combination of 2-3 drugs active on the HIV virus (antiretrovirals). PLWH generally take one or more tablets daily. The choice of therapeutic regimen is guided by various factors, depending on the characteristics of the patient and the virus.

Does antiretroviral therapy have any side effects?

Current antiretroviral therapy is characterized by high efficacy and low incidence of side effects. Many of the side effects are known and often preventable and reversible. Monitoring these aspects is fundamental, due to the need of assume the antiretroviral therapy lifelong.

Is HIV infection curable?

Antiretroviral drugs help control infection, which means keeping the HIV virus in the blood and body fluids at undetectable levels. The complete suppression of viral replication over time allows a recovery of the immune defenses and effectively counteracts the appearance of infections and tumors. However, antiretroviral therapy cannot be interrupted because of the high risk of a rapid resumption of viral replication and reduction of CD4+ lymphocytes.
Therefore, the use of effective antiretroviral therapy does not completely cure HIV infection since the virus latently persists in cells and tissues.

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Last update: 21th november 2019